About me

Hello everybody!

 I am Ana, a born and raised Brazilian girl who just recently got married to an American.

I first came to the United States in a 16-months exchange program three years ago with a set of goals to accomplish before going back to Brazil – none of them included leaving my family, friends and the life I was building to myself behind and making New Orleans my new home. ❤

A lot has changed for me since I left my comfort zone and began to experience life in a completely-new world, but living the so-called “American dream” was never enough reason to convince me to stay in the United States.

I am the youngest child and I always had a very affectionate relationship with my parents. Think about a big, loud and simply loving family and add a little bit of an Italian heritage to it. That’s how we are! My home was always filled with people and Sunday dinners looked more like a Southern style tailgate. Giving up on being part of their lives was the most difficult decision I have ever made.

However, life has its own incredible ways to turn things around and here I am. Follow my journey in I married America and I will show you both the biggest challenges and the most exciting parts of being in a multicultural relationship.

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