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Wedding traditions in America v.s. in Brazil

Last night I went to the wedding of one of my husband’s friends from college. Even though I am with my husband for over three years now, I had never met the groom before the wedding night. The wedding was lovely and the reception was out of a fairy tale. But that is not what I am going to talk about today.

Wedding traditions are rooted with cultural traditions, for that reason, there a few differences among Brazilian and American weddings.

Here is a list of the differences that I have noticed in the weddings I’ve been to:

1. The reception

In the U.S. the reception has a specific time to end. On the other hand, in Brazil, you usually rent a venue for the night, which means that you can get there at 7 p.m. and leave in the morning.

2. The Favors

In a New Orleans style wedding, Pralines are usually served as favors along with a piece of cake. But I’ve also been to weddings where chocolate and other deserts were served. In Brazilian weddings however, there is a tradition of serving special favors. It includes typical Brazilian sweets like “Brigadeiro” and “Beijinhos”, all sorts of chocolates, cake, ice cream, and the most traditional cookie called “Bem Casados” which literal translation mean “Well Married.”

3. The food

In Brazil, you usually will have a 3 course meal being served at a wedding, including salad, appetizers and two options of entree. In the U.S., there is usually a buffet in the reception, with different options of food. In the wedding I was last night there wasn’t a main entree, instead, there was a lot of options of food that you could choose from.


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