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Live Brazilian music in New Orleans

Hey guys,

I have very good news to the Brazilian community in South Louisiana: now you have a Brazilian style bar, with Brazilian live music during the weekends and traditional drinks and appetizers that will make you feel at home.

Last night the Churras Brazilian Grill, one of the restaurants I talked about in my last post, inaugurated a new venue on the side of the restaurant. The grand opening featured the Samba Nola, a band composed only by Brazilians who live in New Orleans. The band plays Brazilian music of all sorts of styles, including Forró, Samba, Sertanejo, MPB e Pagode.

I couldn’t make it last night but a group of friends of mine told me they had a blast.

It is very hard for us Brazilians to find a place that plays our music in the United States, so having the option to go see live Brazilian performances sounds very exciting!

I can’t wait to go check it out next weekend to tell you all about it.


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