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Where to eat Brazilian food around New Orleans


Hello everybody,

It has been a long time since I’ve been to Brazil last summer and since food is one of the greatest parts of any culture, nothing better than eating some Brazilian food to ease my homesickness.

There are two places I can go to if I want to eat Brazilian food close to where I live, the “Churras Brazilian Grill” and the “Fogo de Chao Churrascaria.” Both places serves a range of Brazilian dishes in a hot buffet, salads and traditional Brazilian barbecue. And both places are great!

Rodizio restaurants are usually a Brazilian style steakhouse restaurant -although in Brazil we have a variety of different food rodizios – in which the customers pay a fixed price and the waiters bring samples of food to each customer at several times throughout the meal, until the customers signal that they have had enough.

Although those places have pretty much the same style of food, the “Churras Brazilian Grill” is a more laid back place, and the price of the all you can eat buffet is more affordable, while the “Fogo de Chao” is a little bit fancier and therefore pricier!

The difference between both places is that at the first place I mentioned, you are responsible for walking to the grill and ordering whatever piece of meat you would like to try. On the second place, however, waiters come to your table to offer different meats on a skewer and you can take a piece or pass.


*If you want more information about those places, please visit the links bellow:

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