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Learning Portuguese with Duolingo App

Hey guys,

Today I wanna share with you a little bit more about the Duolingo App. I’ve already talked about this app before when I gave tips about learning another language, but I didn’t really took time to explain how it works.

It is true that I did not used the app to learn English, since I started learning the language in middle school – and by that time I think it hadn’t been invented yet. But my 18-year-old brother-in-law has been using it to learn Portuguese and is enjoying his experience.

So, how does the app works?

The app is very simple and straightforward. Once you downloaded it, you have to create an account.

  • You start by picking a language (course):
  • The next step would be to set a goal for yourself – meaning how much time a day do you intend to spend learning:


  • In the next screen, you can either set the level to begin learning the basics or take a placement test to see how much do you know about the chosen language. If you select the “beginner” option, the app will give options to take Basics 1 lesson:


  • After you learn the basics, you can choose what do you want to learn about, and start playing the games:


The app includes a variety of leaning methods, such as matching games, audio buttons through which you can learn pronunciation, reading and writing short lessons and games. It also offers other features to help you learn. I hope you enjoy your learning experience 🙂



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