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Wedding traditions in America v.s. in Brazil

Last night I went to the wedding of one of my husband’s friends from college. Even though I am with my husband for over three years now, I had never met the groom before the wedding night. The wedding was lovely and the reception was out of a fairy tale. But that is not what… Continue reading Wedding traditions in America v.s. in Brazil

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Live Brazilian music in New Orleans

Hey guys, I have very good news to the Brazilian community in South Louisiana: now you have a Brazilian style bar, with Brazilian live music during the weekends and traditional drinks and appetizers that will make you feel at home. Last night the Churras Brazilian Grill, one of the restaurants I talked about in my… Continue reading Live Brazilian music in New Orleans

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Where to eat Brazilian food around New Orleans

  Hello everybody, It has been a long time since I’ve been to Brazil last summer and since food is one of the greatest parts of any culture, nothing better than eating some Brazilian food to ease my homesickness. There are two places I can go to if I want to eat Brazilian food close… Continue reading Where to eat Brazilian food around New Orleans

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Learning Portuguese with Duolingo App

Hey guys, Today I wanna share with you a little bit more about the Duolingo App. I’ve already talked about this app before when I gave tips about learning another language, but I didn’t really took time to explain how it works. It is true that I did not used the app to learn English,… Continue reading Learning Portuguese with Duolingo App