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Tips to help you learn you partner’s language

Everybody knows that it is hard to learn another language. It takes time, effort and a lot of motivation. In my case, I’ve been learning English since middle school. My husband, on the other hand, knows only the very basic of Portuguese.

This language barrier brings two major issues to our relationship.  We interact with each others family in very different ways. I have a really good relationship with his family because I speak English, but I feel like he doesn’t really know my family because he is not fluent in Portuguese and my family barely speaks English. I also worry about having trouble raising bilingual kids since I don’t have anybody else to be speaking Portuguese to in a daily basis.

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So, here are some tips on how we are trying to fill in those gaps:
  • There are free apps that you can download in your smartphone that can help you a lot in this process. Duolinguo is an app that is worth giving a try if you want to learn any other language.
  • Watching movies in Portuguese with English subtitles helps non-native speakers to get familiar to the sounds in Portuguese.
  • Learning one new word a day is an easy way to start improving your vocabulary in a new language.
  • Another way to increase your vocabulary is to start learning the words about a subject that interests you.
  •  Other methods include choosing a word or a sentence that you commonly say and substitute it by the equivalent on the other language. It makes it very helpful to understand how sentence structure works in other languages.

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