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6 common habits among Brazilians

It is very normal to have different habits from your significant other, specially if you come for different cultures. In this post I am going to list some of the habits a lot of Brazilians have and what my husband thinks about it.

1. Sharing food


Every time I am eating something, I feel like I need to offer him a bite. I mean, food is supposed to be shared isn’t it?

His thoughts: “It’s really annoying. Sometimes I am not even hungry and you keep trying to make me eat it.”

2. Holding hands


I like to be holding hands all the time and for me it is a very common thing to do. In Brazil couples hold hands, no matter where they are or how long they have been together.

His thoughts: “Holding hands doesn’t really bothers me. It is not something I think about doing all the time, but I do it because I know you like it.”

3. Taking more than one shower a day


The weather in Brazil is pretty warm and not everybody has an air conditioner unit in their houses. It is very common for us to take a shower in the morning and a shower in the evening. I guess I am used to this routine and the hotter it is, the more showers I take.

His thoughts: “If I get sweaty and stinky I will take more than a shower a day.”

4. Brushing my teeth after every single meal


It is a very common thing among Brazilians. We usually carry a toothbrush, toothpaste and sometimes floss with us every time we can. I brush my teeth when I wake up, after lunch, dinner and sometimes before going to bed (in case I ate something after supper).

His thoughts: “Good for you. The more you brush your teeth the better.”

5. Using fork and knife to eat pizza.


Pizza in Brazil has a different concept than pizza in the U.S. But I think we use fork and knife to eat it because we usually have a lot more toppings and it would fall off of the slice if we eat with our hands.

His thoughts: “It’s okay. Maybe the person just don’t want to have their hands dirty.”

6. Finding everything spicy


I complain all the time that the food in the United States is too spicy. For me, if it burns my mouth to some degree, there is a lot of spice in it.

His thoughts: “You always think the food in Louisiana is spicy. I call it seasoned.”

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