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How I became a die-hard football fan

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Marring somebody from a different culture sometimes means not having much in common. Don’t get me wrong. It is okay for husbands and wives to have different interests. However, finding the things you and your significant other have in common will be very important to the happiness of your marriage in the long run. Believe me!

My husband and I always thought we were very different. He doesn’t speak my primary language, I am not into video games, he is not a big fan of desserts and I can’t stand spicy food. However, as we began to know each other better, we learned that we had more in common than we thought. For example, one of the things that helped to bring us together was realizing that I enjoyed watching football.

My initial thoughts about football 

I never understood why the sport was called football. A football is not even round and the players hardly ever touch the ball with their feet. I think it makes much more sense to call soccer football.

The first time I watched a football game 

I moved to New Orleans in 2013, when the city hosted the Superbowl XLVII. I had never watched a football game before the Ravens v.s. 49ers’ game. I didn’t understand much of the rules at that time and all I cared about was the halftime advertisements.

How football became part of my life

My husband is a die-hard LSU fan and watching college football was part of our relationship since the beginning. After a few months, I was looking forward to watching the games with him. Not only because we would spend quality time together, but also because I had way more interest in football than I expected.                       

How I began to like football

In the first few months of our relationship, my husband taught me about the rules and strategies during every single football game we watched. I would ask him to explain what happened in a play every time I didn’t understand why a penalty was called or why a flag was thrown. The more I understood about football, the more I wanted to learn. At one point, he noticed my interest for the sport and brought me to my first game.

Why do I watch football now

Besides enjoying going to a football game or even watching it on TV, sharing a common interest with my husband really helped us to connect. I feel like our sense of intimacy and friendship increased. Another good reason is that we always have something to do and we are creating memories by sharing moments and experiences together.

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